ACT today is GOTS certified, which we are proud of, and it does oblige.
GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it is an international certification for textile production, work processes and labelling. The certification follows strict standards and guidelines throughout the value chain – from raw material to the final product. As a consumer, you must go for the GOTS certificate if you want to be 100 % sure that the textiles you buy are both organic, chemical-free and produced in a socially responsible manner.

What does it take?
GOTS is recognized worldwide, and the certification is a guarantee that your clothes are produced in an environmentally correct and socially responsible manner. The GOTS certification achieved by ACT today requires that at least 95 percent of the product consists of certified organic fibers and that all chemistry, such as dyes, meet specific European environmental requirements.

Clean materials
When clothes from ACT today meet the GOTS standards, you can be sure that they are made from organic materials. The natural fiber is grown and produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic fertilizers. This ensures the biodiversity, soil, and water in the areas where the cotton is grown and provides a safer working environment for the cotton farmers.

Claims for rights
The GOTS certification indicates a high level for the environmental and labor criteria that must be present throughout the value chain for textiles made from organic cotton. This applies right from sowing and growing the cotton to picking, transport, processing, and storage. In addition to requirements for the textiles, there are also requirements for the workers' rights. The social criteria must be observed, including minimum wage, working environment, working hours, minimum age, and breaks. The GOTS certification thus ensures the welfare of the people involved in the product's value chain.

From cotton field to finished product
For a product to be GOTS certified and carry the GOTS logo on the hangtag, it requires that the entire value chain (from the cotton field to the finished product) is GOTS certified – including the brand. A product may well be produced from GOTS-certified textiles, with GOTS-certified colors in GOTS-certified factories, but if the brand is not GOTS-certified, the product cannot carry the logo.